Althea will help you drive business outcomes using AI/ML and maximize business value.

AI Strategy

Althea is helping organizations leverage the power and versatility of AI to achieve the next level of maturity. We help you transform existing business models, define new business models, and improve outcomes.

Business Consulting

We can help you identify the right use cases, and appropriate organizational structure to build and deploy AI at scale for the business. It is important to think strategically, do small experiments, and build on success fast. We help you at each step throughout the journey.

AI Development

AI development journey required internal and external change management. We partner with client business and IT teams to build the AI solution at scale. We are helping clients across the AI value chain to develop the right AI solutions for their businesses.

AI/ML Ops Services

Althea AI Ops' capabilities are focused on delivering proactive, continuous AI performance and enabling exceptional customer experiences. AI Ops capabilities include integration, testing, optimization, deployment, and monitoring of AI models.

Responsible AI

AI brings significant opportunities to businesses, but it comes with incredible responsibility. It has a direct impact on people’s lives hence focusing on AI ethics, data governance, trust, and legality is very important. Althea's responsible AI framework ensures businesses are continuously aware and in control of AI implementation at scale. They can pro-actively identify potential biases and correct them before they have an impact.

Cognitive Automation

Althea is helping its clients generate additional value on top of their Robotic Process Automation using AI/ML. We help manage process variety in automation using AI/ML and enable cognitive decision-making.

AI Services

Althea is helping its clients across the AI value chain to develop right AI solutions for their business.

It has many pre-built accelerators to accelerate AI development