Our Platform

We identify the health equity needs of all stakeholders of the healthcare industry and orchestrate intervention to mitigate them. Our proprietary and deployable, Plug & Predict, analytical machine learning algorithms directly address the behavioral and systemic inefficiencies that drive health inequities at every level.
Health Equity Platform
Althea’s health equity solution is supporting various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.
Key features of solution include –
Althea is Integrating clinical, behavioral, and social care to drive whole-person care.
Althea has curated comprehensive Social Determinants of Health Data from 25+ public and proprietary data sources which cover the entire United States.
Althea has built models which enable early disease detection and disease progression management.
Althea has partnered with Community Based Organization for enabling end-to-health equity management and to reduce the total cost of care.

Health Equity for Payers

We assist payer organizations in managing health equity by-
Health systems can improve their health equity management initiatives through Althea-
Life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations can benefit from Althea’s health equity services-
Pharmacy benefit management organizations relyon Althea for health equity solutions-